BNEW: el cambio de consumidor

Hace unas semanas en Barcelona se celebró el BNEW, un evento, tanto digital como físico, con más de 300 speakers participando en debates, entrevistas, conferencias inspiracionales, paneles…en los ámbitos de logística, zonas económicas, indústria digital, inmobiliria y ecommerce. Compartiendo un objetivo y una incertidumbre clara que regna entre nuestra sociedad desde el inicio del Covid-19: ¿cómo será la nueva realidad y su futura economía?

“Do you want a bag? We have them biodegradable!”

Biodegradable bag? Compostable? Recyclable? Or better yet, paper? Every time we find new concepts to improve or minimize the impact of single-use products, but are they really an option or is it a new greenwashing strategy? What is really the best option for the Earth? Too many options but no one has explained to us what is involved in choosing one or the other. From BCOME we explain the differences between them, so you can choose wisely. In this article we will talk about bags, but this information is applicable to any product.